Hi! We’re Lenz and Manu and we love to explore the world, learn new things and to tinker around on various projects in the online and offline world.

When we met back in 2004 in a startup in Germany we quickly found out that we both loved the idea of roaming the globe. Soon after we started hedging plans on how we could escape the hectic startup life.

Agreeing that life is more than a pile of money and a couple of two week vacation trips per year we looked for ways how we could start travelling full time.

The inital plan was to buy an old truck, convert it and drive from Germany to the other side of the globe.

But when we started to look into visa requirements we realised that our age window for a work and travel in New Zealand was raptidly closing. So, we decided to go to New Zealand first and then do the truck adventure from South to North.

As life goes we found out that it’s not quite time for full time travel yet and got stuck in New Zealand. It is a wonderful country that offered so many ways of contributing for us that we ended up staying to build companies.

It was a wonderful life and yet after a while we missed the travelling bit.

New Zealand is far away from everything and it’s quite a journey to go anywhere.

And so after a long while we managed to setup our companies in a way that we could work remotely from anywhere.

We then built an overland camper in Europe in which we lived in for two summers, roaming around the continent, living and working from our mobile base.

It set the basis for our mobile living setup and was our first hybrid living experiment. Living stationary for half the year and roaming around for the rest of the year.

We loved our hybrid life but were wondering if a slightly larger living space than the Land Rover could give us some extra in quality of life.

In 2019 we sold our company and used that as a starting point for our next experiment.

We sold the Land Rover and bought a sailboat. Not any sailboat but an Amel Super Maramu which is known in the sailing world as a robust world cruiser (some say the best). We ended up working on it for a year before actually setting sail because of lockdowns and other delays.

But by 2020 we finally lived on anchor and not in a marina anymore. It was bliss, leaving the pandemic, the people and land life behind and finally live on our own terms again.

After more lockdowns and an amazing summer in Sweden we looked into the feasability to go home to New Zealand for the first time after more than two years and realised it was almost impossible with the border restrictions.

We also realised that the hybrid model we had before sailboat life was a more fitting life for us than full time travelling.

We missed a proper workshop, we missed a garden, we missed a place we can call home.

That’s when we decided to give Portugal a try. We had our eyes on Portugal in the past but never managed to actually go there.

So, just like with New Zealand many years before, we decided that a country we’ve never been to before is the ideal spot for our next experiment.

In September 2021 we put our lovely sailboat on dry for winter, packed the car and drove to Portugal where we found a spot that had all the things we were looking for: remote but still close to an airport, amazing views and more than enough space to tinker.

We are now back to our hybrid living with some time in one spot on land and the rest out exploring the world.

The nice thing with this setup is that whenever one of the two gets too tiring we can live the other life for a while.

Here we are now – exploring this amazing world by sea and reflecting on the experiences using their input to create something great in our new place in Portugal.